Customer Reviews

Mr Perry

"After my first contact with Debt Free Direct an unbearable weight was taken off my shoulders. I cannot say enough about the absolute efficiency and professionalism that they illustrated throughout the entire process. In no time at all, all my worries had been dissolved.

"Debt Free Direct has turned my life around! I know that there will always be someone on the end of the phone if I need further advice or support. There is no stigma attached to having a debt solution and the relief is immeasurable. Thank you Debt Free Direct!”

Ms Julie Whitehouse

“My debt built up whilst I was in a relationship, the debts were solely in my name however this was based on two incomes. Once the relationship ended I was left with the debt, and I also went abroad for a while which led to the debts to accrue interest. I felt very low and unhappy; I was mostly concerned about not being able to pay my bills each month.”

“I am now two years into a Debt Management Plan and have been making regular payments on time. All the staff are very helpful and offer a very good service.”

Mrs Maureen Robinson

“Rising costs, increased interest on debts and higher repayments meant that I couldn't cope with my debt repayments. I was extremely unhappy at the time and was worried about not being able to keep up with my repayments.

“I was recommended a Debt Management Plan and when the DMP was accepted I felt relieved. I have now been paying into my DMP for two years and I am now a lot happier, it feels as though a load has been lifted off my shoulders. I found the people at Debt Free Direct offered a very good service, everyone is kind and understanding.”

Mr David Radcliffe

“Continuous reckless use of credit cards saw me run up a large amount of debt; this left me feeling miserable and I didn't know what to do. Going bankrupt was my main worry but for two years now I have been paying into my DMP.

“All credit cards have now gone and I am much more cautious with my spending. I am feeling greater relief month by month. I received an excellent service and the staff at Debt Free Direct are calm, professional and friendly.”